Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rainy Days

After surviving a record breaking HOT, DRY summer, we are now enjoying rain. It is amazing how fast the grass and bushes come back with green and flowers. Our lakes are still at very low levels. We still have mandatory watering restrictions. So our drought isn't over, but we appreciate the rain as never before. So far I haven't heard anyone grumbling about when is the rain going to be over. Our weather was scary this summer - 68 days over 100 degrees - 1 day short of all time record. I hope I'm not around the next time Mother Nature makes a run at that record!! Even without breaking that record we had the hottest summer ever.

Why do we talk about the weather? Because it is something we all share. It effects how we feel and what we do. And it's safe. We are all at odds over health care, family values, politics, religion and global warming. and the discussions concerning these are sooo strident; but weather is safe. So we retreat to this unifying subject where we can safely commiserate about our misery or relish our joys.

Happy beginning of Fall. Happy lower temperatures. Happy rain. And happy blue skies to follow.

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