Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Calling Mom

Even though I am a lady into my "golden" years, every once in a while I have a day when I desparately want to call my mom. I want to pretend I am a child, and all the mishaps in my life can be cured with a kiss on my booboo. Yesterday was such a day.

Nothing big, mostly car problems, surrounded by the stress of helping the invalid return to full health. Cars baffle me. I don't really want to know much about them. I want to open the door, turn the key, and be on my way with radio going and cool air coming through the vents. Not going to happen today. Seems like along with no air conditioning, the car has a brake problem. Help, mom. Can you and daddy handle this? I feel very ignorant around mechanics, and they do tend to treat me as such. I had to resort to getting my son (Talk about someone who is having a lot of stress as he tries to balance job, family and care for helpless parents!!! Send him lots of hugs.) So anyway I had to get son on the phone so he could talk man to man with the repair man. Upshot of all car problems is that I have to get in the queu for a brake diagnosis. Probably for the ac, plenty of wishing for cool weather so we can handle that later.

Meantime I've had my moments of yearning to have my Mommy take over and handle my problems. Now it's back to adulthood and reality. We'll all get through this, including you, my faithful readers, who have had to listn to alot of whining lately.

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