Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor of Love

Happy Labor Day!! It's time to celebrate the winding down of summer. Although the thermometer is stuck at 100, the morning is slower to come and evening turns our lights on sooner. The seasons of the year march on. Fall approaches. Can Thanksgiving and Christmas be far behind? Oh my.

I'm busy sewing for fall and winter. My palettes become deeper in shades of magenta, golden yellow, and rich browns. I've worked on some plaid jumpers. When I was a schoolgirl, I always had a new dress for the first day of school and it was always plaid. So I associate cooler weather with plaids in greens, blues and reds. Having found some wonderful brushed cotton flannels, I'm happily channeling my inner girl into an updated plaid jumper. Fun,funky and comfortable. Ah..... It may not be a color of my youth but it satisfies my memories.

A labor of love from my sewing room.

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