Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday: Amuse Bouche

Here are a few snippets I'm pondering today.

Ed Asner during interview on CBS Sunday Morning. (paraphrased) I feel like a little kid in anadult body. Can I ever relate to that. How about you?

Last night's sky was a mosaic of snow white clouds, dark gray thunderheads, light gray wisps with accents of bright blue splashed about. Nature is a wonderous thing.

Morning talk about upcoming debates. I feel like I'm observing a train wreck. Can't take my eyes off the ufolding scene all the while I'm cringing. I'm hoping both candidates decide to show politness while engaging in a substansive discussion.

And from Ms. Mediocrity "Sometimes you have to give up the things that aren't working." Ah, but the question is, what are those things?
"Sometimes you have to pull the weeds that have crept into your life to make room for the flowers." But I'm afraid I'll pull a flower that is temporarily disguised as a weed.
"And sometimes you have to stop everything and just sit for a moment enjoying the viewe."

Just some little thoughts that resonate on this Sunday.

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