Tuesday, October 2, 2012


As I push open the door to the waiting room, every head turns with eye patches in place under a gray head of hair. Welcome, to the "over the hill" pirate convention taking place every Tuesday at the eye doctor's office. It is 24 hours after catarac removal surgery. We are a motley crew but excited to remove the patch and see.
And I do. For the first time ever I not only know that a giant E tops the eye chart, I can actually see it. Ta Dum!!! I'm at my computer without glasses. Maybe there will actually be fewer typos. Hurray!! This afternoon I'll be driving to the grocery store. It promises to be a new world.

A special thanks to my son, Jeff, and his boss, J Bryant Boyd. Jeff has had to ferry me to appointments, and Bryant has had to allow him the time off. I have the greatest son, and he has the most understanding boss! I couldn't have done this without you all.

I'm off to plunder the world with a very happy dog at my side. (He was very confused and concerned with my pirate garb.)

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