Monday, October 8, 2012

Cool Monday

Central Texas is having Autumn. Eat your hearts out, my northern readers. This morning in the 50's to warm to 70's by afternoon. Yipee, I had to wear long sleeves this weekend for the first time.

I spent endless years in the North. While I endured some hot weather for short periods of time, my closet always had some sweaters and lightweight jackets to put on for cool evenings. Now living in the South my winter closet always has some shorts and short sleeve shirts as I never go too many days without needing light clothes. Folks, that is the big difference between us southerners and northeners!

I pause to listen. Ahhh, the sound of silence. Yep, the air conditioners are quiet. My pocketbook is enjoying this time between the electric bills for the hot, hot summer and the heating bills of the winter. Winter bills are much less but still an increase over the fall months of wonderful weather. It's nice to take a breather.

So I'm sewing away in the cool of Monday morning. Outside my window the trees and grass are very green. My fall colors are in the fabrics I use. Some browns, greens, blues and rust. Enjoying life this Monday morning.

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Judy Grupp Studio said...

I am in love with your fabrics. You are a textile artist. I so envy the little girls who get to wear your clothes. Have you ever done an art quilt? I just know it would be fabulous!