Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Little Holiday Spirit

The morning talk shows are talking about the new Neiman Marcus Christmas wish catelogue which is as always filled with over the top gift ideas. They feature some outlandish fantasy gifts. My wishes are not so exotic, nor are the gifts that I will be giving.

This year I'm trying to give as many handmade gifts as possible. I think of this as a "feed an artist" venture. So , family, don't give me your gift list as I'm going off the grid to get things you didn't know you wanted until now. I'm hoping you will be pleased with them and not hide them in a closet only to be brought out when I come to visit. Each item has been chosen with care and reflects my image of you. (I hope this is complementary. Does anyone remember the "Brady Bunch" episode when the crazy aunt visits and brings Jan a special present? Jan doesn't want to be like her crazy aunt and hates her gift. Am I the crazy relative?)

What I want - time spent with me. Morning conversation over cups of coffee. Hugs, warm strong hugs from my children and grandchildren. Cookies baked with love. Love all around. Now, these are my fantasy gifts!

Speaking of gifts. Here's my latest suggestion for a baby gift.

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