Friday, May 1, 2009

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging

Tyson Skross has become a blogger. He's posted 2. Take a trip over to see him. Ty's blog.

While you're surfing the internet, take a trip on Allyson Smith's website. Its been updated to include all her current work.

I'm starting my driving trip to Wilmington, Delaware, for the Wilmington Flower Market, May 7,8,9. We're taking our time and stopping to see some family on the way. I'm not sure what internet access I'll have while away, but we'll be back by May 15.

Annarella Home Design Studio is moving to the Atrium at 800 S Austin Ave. Pamela will continue to work with her existing and new clients. Email her for info

Have a great May Day. Make sure to smell the roses.

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