Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day - building memories

Memorial Day is a time to remember - especially all who serve or served in the military. For me it's a time to remember my father, Jack Knowlton, Uncle Dave Knowlton and Uncle Martin Knowlton, who all served in World War II. Daddy was 4F for several years of the war until 1944 when apparently the draft pool was running out of eligible men so drafted him to serve stateside only, thereby releasing somebody else who was physically able to go to the war front. I don't know the details of Uncle Dave's service except he was in for a longer time. Uncle Martin was a pacifist who first drove an ambulance for the Free French in the Middle East and then after the US joined the war served as a medic in the Pacific. They all believed in the freedoms of the US and the equality of man (and woman). Serving in the military was only one way in which they lived out their beliefs. They were very special young men, yet very typical of their generation. I'm proud to be of their gene pool.

On a lighter note we, along with millions of Americans, celebrated the day, not in sorrow but in joy, with a cookout and family. (These soldiers did what they felt they had to do for the sake of their families. So in a way every time we enjoy our families we celebrate what they did.) So we had fun doing some ordinary things which I hope my grandchildren will remember in yars to come.

Water balloons and a battle lead to some hot weather fun.
Then hours on a slip and slide. (What a great invention - easy to set up, inexpensive, hours of fun.)

Then the master of the grill. On the menu ribs, ratatouille, cole slaw and watermelon!

And for the finale, sparklers.

A fine Memorial Day. I hope you had a great day building some family memories of your own.

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tskross said...

I miss you guys so much!! looks like you had a lot of fun!