Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Workroom

So many fabrics....

So many ideas....
Never enough time.
I need to thank my sister, M, and my sister-in-law, P, for being my extra hands. With their help I hope to have loads of dresses and skirts for my 2 big spring shows.
Red Poppy Festival, April 28-29. Right here in Georgetown, my hometown. Always fun and always successful. Hoping for sunny weather.
Wilminton Flower Market, May 9 -11. East coast, here, I come. Wilmington DE holds family and friends plus this longstanding fair that raises funds for a lot of children's charities.
I had hoped for another big show back here in Austin, the Renegade Craft, but I didn't get accepted. I must trust that they know that I'm not a good fit for their audience. I'm taking it as a sign that I need to search harder for my audience. Actually I have 2 retailers that I want to talk to. So I'm going to see if they have any room or need for the cutest girls clothing ever!!!!

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