Friday, October 7, 2011

Rambling 7: Weather Aches

Cloudy skies. Looks like rain. Further proof that we might see some wet stuff - my aching knees and back. For you youngsters out there it is true, old bones trumpet changes in the weather. It seems our battered joints are like little barometers registering the change in pressure with pain. This morning's walk was difficult.

On the other hand yesterday's meeting with friend was very productive. She asked insightful questions, gave good observations and encouraged me to continue with my efforts. I've bot a letter ready to be sent to people I hope might be interested. Now I'm working on an outline of  purpose, structure and benefits of my proposed craft cooperative. Hope to have that done by next week. I'm feeling energized!!!

A note about "occupation." The talking heads are all over this new movement - analyzing it, dissecting it, comparing it, etc. In other words trying to suck the life out of it. It appears to be an honest outcry against corporate greed and government inaction. Pretty straight forward. It is based on anger. Ordinary hard working Americans are tired of corporations so worried about a small drop in profits that they don't care how badly they abuse their customers.

Examples - airlines charging for first bag. doesn't make sense. There customer is a traveler who must have baggage to carry what they will need for their trip. They are charging for a necessity. (Thank you Southwest Airlines for not doing this.) If the airlines need to keep their profits up maybe they need to look toward cutting their executives salaries and bonuses. I'm sure they could save some money there.
And Bank of America's latest suggestion to charge their customers for bank card access to their own money. Egregious. Aggressively anti-consumer. No wonder people are angry.

Ordinary citizens are tired, disgusted and a bit embarassed by our politicians. The fighting and inaction is harmful to our economy. The name-calling behavior is nothing short of criminal to citizens who are looking for jobs, trying to raise families on less, striving to survive. They can't believe that these people they elected can't do their jobs better. They can't believe these people they elected do not care about doing their jobs. They feel betrayed and ignored. And now they are angry.  Maybe by "occupying" they can get some attention. Politicians and corporations listen - the sound you hear is change,

Enough sermonizing for today.   

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