Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rambling 22: Wraps

On morning walk Butler and I saw 8 deer. And they saw us. The look out kept a wary eye on us but never sounded the alarm. Love the variations on taupe for their coats. Soft tans, buffs and grays. I love the mornings that start with deer.

Butler is quietly respectful of the deer. He'll stand quietly while I gaze at them. His chase creatures of choice are cats and squirrels. When we go to the dog park he'll spend hours chasing squirrels. I discovered yesterday that he doesn't want to catch them, just chase. He sat very quietly while a confused squirrel didn't notice him and started to scamper at him. If he ever stood a good chance to catch one this ws it. No, Butler waited until the squirrel noticed him, turned and scampered in opposite direction. Then Butler took off and chased. He was very satisfied that squirrel made it to the tree and B could bark while circling the trunk. Funny to watch. As it started I was afraid I'd be dealing with a dead squirrel, but that's a fear I think I can put away.

I've sent out letters to some of the artisan's that I know to outline my dream of a creative coop. If you want to be included in this group or just want to be kept abreast with our progress, email me. I'm happy to send information. 

That's a wrap for today. Go out and enjoy the nice weather. I leave you with some fall color of my own.

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