Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ramblings 23: Computers - love 'em, leave 'em

I just tried to comment on a fellow blog, but I couldn't sign in. Through the process of getting a "smart" phone. (The quotes because truthfully I don't think it is all that smart. It sure can't communicate well with me.), anyway... my smart phone requires a google account. It has created several for me, all with different passwords, but I don't really use any of them. So, of course, I can't remember which password goes with each account. Or which account is current. Now my phone's google accounts have been talking to each other and have popped up on various sites I used to be able to log in. So when I tried to make a comment on a blog, it told me I didn't exist even though it was one blogspot to another. I don't understand. And it makes me a little fearful. What if google decides I don't exist here? Please, please, if I suddenly disappear from your screens, your lists, your internet worlds, be alarmed, very alarmed!!! Maybe I really do not exist.

On a similar note...I have a friend with whom I exchange email, not too often, but for several years. We discovered this week that her email server does not want to talk to my email server. One day they talk. the next day they don't.Her server tells my friend that my server is not running or my queue is full. Not true others are sending me emails. It's a mystery. So she and I met for coffee yesterday afternoon to go over the notes we were trying to discuss. I enjoyed the coffee and  discussion, but we would like to have the option to email each other with thoughts and ideas occasionally. And it leads me to wonder if there are others out there who are not communicating with me because the servers don't want us to. I'm feeling my paranoia growing.

Floating in cyber space as long as the computer will let me.

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