Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rambling 12: Cloud Imagination

Sun rose this morning on clusters of seersucker clouds. Soft pastel lined bumps which slowly drifted apart into small tufts. Lovely.

I love clouds. All the different shapes, textures and colors. As a child did you ever lay on your back looking at clouds and naming the different creatures or things they reminded you of? I recently played this game with my grandkids. (After prying them away from video games and TV. lol) We saw a pirate ship, sleeping cat, train locomotive and rhinocerous. Great imaginations.

My 11 year old confided in me that as she was growing older, her imagination didn't work as well. So sad, but I know it isn't true. Imagination survives into old age.

I hope her teachers recognize that an active, healthy imagination is vital. And encourage her and all the students to exercise the imagination muscle. To soar with the clouds.

I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring.

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