Monday, October 10, 2011

Rambling 10: Deer Thoughts

On this morning's walk Butler and I met 5 deers. (B was a gentleman and let them pass without a lot of hulabaloo.) So graceful. I wish I could glide like that when I walked. They were very watchful, but they didn't bolt. I think they were enjoying the aftermath of the rain.

The deer travel in families, looking after each other. Seems like they have a lookout. One who is always ready to shout out the alarm. Then there are the young ones usually looking to follow the mom. If she startles, the babes move fast. It's fascinating to watch them move in concert - slow and stately.

Speaking of someone looking out for others. I want to send a huge thank you to Jenny D of Mama Ds. She does all the physical setting up and breaking down for me at shows. Without her I would have to give up exhibiting at craft shows. And next to the joy of creating, getting to share the fruits of my labor with customers, other crafters and the community, is so important to keeping my creative spirit healthy. Jenny D, I love you for supplying the muscle for my soul.

Next show is Saturday, Oct. 15. Leander High Craft Market. Check out their facebook page. Put on by the high school baseball boosters, a very well run show with an impressive roster of vendors. It will be fun.

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