Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rambling 25: Pinterest

Can you believe it is day 25 of posts in October? I've enjoyed my scribbling. Hope some of you have also. I get so few comments that I'm in the dark whether I'm saying anything.

Have you found http://www.pinterest.com/? What a fun site. Basically it gives you space and sources so that creating your inspiration boards is easy. I have 4 going.

Why not a Darth Vader ballerina?
"Things that make me smile."
I love this little girl's attitude

Joyous sheep. Remind me to dance down the road of life.


I want to learn how to dye.

"foods I want to try"
yummy savoury biscuit

"Places I'd like to go to replenish my spirit"

Ahhh! To sit and ponder.

Warning. Pinterest can be addictive.

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