Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rambling 20: Update This

Turned on my computer this morning and screen was full of update notices. Wish it was so easy to update my sore knee, bad eyes and deteriorating teeth. Imagine pushing a button or depressing a key and all would be improved in a few minutes. Life is not that easy!!

Yesterday I watched ABC's The View. There was a very spirited conversation about the Republican debates. The discussion was marred by rudeness. Around that table interrupting is too common, but Elizabeth Hasselbeck was out of order yesterday. Even after being given a chance to say her piece without interruptions, she rudely and continually butted in when Barbara Walters had her turn. I found it disturbing to watch. And it made me think. When did bad manners become acceptable in public forums? Why is yelling one's point of view considered okay? Why is talking over someone else's conversation not frowned upon? Whatever happened to good manners?

Onto a nicer note - this is a week of family birthdays. Good times sharing some special meals with J, P and the 3 grandchildren. I am filled with warmth from the glow of their love for each other and me. xoxoxo


JC & The Sunshine Band said...

Don't they know it is not polite to discuss politics @ the table! I am glad I was able to catch up on your posts. I love your ramblings. Well today's was not really my cup of tea. Although, it did remind me that the holiday's are right around the corner. I can't wait. Maybe you can make me a Christmas sweater a la Sun City. Maybe a gree one with a giant reindeer & bells :)

ellie said...

Just wait til you see what the Christmas sewing goddess has in store for everyone this year!!!