Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rambling 29: Witches in the Trees

This morning was crisp! I added a layer and long socks. Didn't break into a sweat until halfway. Friends have noted on facebook our cool mornings, even calling them crisp, but I find it hard to find the crisp when it's 55 degrees with 90% humidity. Cool, yes. Fall-like, yes, the Texas version. But crisp, no. But this morning, a definite snap, a chill, a crisp.

Butler uses the morning walks to check out who or what has been out at night. Nose to the ground he follows a crooked path dictated by the yummy scents. He is always alert to the smallest changes. Looking out for the neighborhood cats. Eying any tree that might have a squirrel. This morning he was completely befuddled by a witch in a tree. Was it some kind of crazy mutant squirrel? Should he be afraid and run? Or growl and bark pretending to be brave? A dilemma. In the end he chose to give a few halfhearted woofs and then walk on with one wary eye cast back to insure it didn't attack us from behind. Kind of my approach to the politicians of today.

A few things from my sewing room.

a knee length skirt jn a holiday pallette

mid-calf skirt in lovely blues. polka dots make me smile

holiday onesie

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