Friday, October 28, 2011

Rambling 28: To H... in a Handbasket

No walk this morning as I was meeting a friend for coffee to discuss art organizations. Such sad eyes on Butler as I wlked out the door without him. Awww. But he is getting a treat this afternoon as he will play at the bark park with his favorite friend, Lola and her young owners. He'll be in seventh heaven.

Meeting went well . I have a crush on Jane's mind. She is smart, witty and compassionate. So I laughed at some of her observations on life. Listened with great interest about Georgetown's progress in the visual arts. Overall felt energized with lots of ideas to explore while I worked this afternoon.

Then I turned on my phone.... The colonial day outfit for my grandson is due by Wednesday. Earlier than expected. No problem It is finished, hanging on closet door just waiting to go. Husband goes to Houston on Monday and already planned on taking it.

Next, called husband from grocery store to see if he needed something. Not good. He is immobilized. Bad hip, back, knee, not sure since it all hurts and won't support walking. Uh, oh. He needs me to make lunch and dinner. Nothing elaborate but not part of my daily routine. Yes, am I not spoiled? When he works from home, he gets his own lunch and usually makes dinner for both of us. (He's really not a saint. He doesn't like my choices for dinners.) So there goes a lot of my time in the sewing room. But even worse for my timeline, I can't count on him to deliver colonial outfit by Wednesday. Looks like I may have to take tomorrow to drive to and from Houston.

There goes my creative energy for two days. As the title said all my planning and dreaming of what garments I would be working on just went "to h... in a handbasket." (By the way where did that saying come from and what does it mean?) Of course, it is not the end of my world. This is just an example of the rollercoaster of life. Makes me chuckle. How quickly mood changes. Motherhood has taught me how to take it all in stride. From 0 to 60 in 15 seconds and back to a full stop again. Ah the vagaries of life...keep us young, agile of mind, body, and spirit.

Got to go find that handbasket. Have a good Friday.

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susan said...

end of the day crashed and burned. but the sun will come out tomorrow. thanks for the good words.
hope Ron is feeling better. the upside is that you get to see the kiddos in Houston. be safe.