Monday, October 31, 2011

Rambling 31: Halloween Reversal

Instead of donning a costume tonight, I wish I could remove my old age disguise and let my little girl have a day out.

What I would do

climb an apple tree
twirl with my eyes closed,
     stopping to fight for balance as the world spins on
roll down a grassy hill
play statues
play 4 square
eat a carmel apple
punch my brother in the arm
dance to "Benny and the Jets"
swing so high my toes touch the sky
catch fireflies in a jar
do somersaults in the pool
sit on the bottom of the deep end
splash in a puddle
jump in a mound of orange, yellow, brown leaves

What would you do?
Happy Halloween!!!


susan said...

we can still do all those things ... just a little slower to get up! and too many excuses to get out!
let's see I would ...
take a walk in the woods and stomp through the leaves.
eat powdered sugar donuts and drink cider.
pick apples.
drive up through the east coast in a convertible - scarf around my neck, trailing in the breeze.
stand hollering on the cliff edge of a fall-changing forest and listen for my echo.
my friend ... so why don't we?

Anonymous said...

Wow Mom! You did it. 31 posts in 31 days. I am impressed with your tenacity. Anyone who has ever written a blog (I had trouble with our monthly one! - wink to Susan;) will appreciate the effort.

What I would do...

I would simply run. I would remember the feeling of knifing through the wind, knowing that no one could match me!