Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rambling 6: Crafty Thoughts

Today I meeting with a friend to discuss the craft cooperative idea. I need her help to focus on a concept. She and I have worked together in the past. We make good partners. Her organizational abilities offset and compliment my vague dreaminess. How does she combine a creative imagination with the ability to dot the i's? She probably doesn't even realize what an unusual combination of skills she has.

I've been doing some research. Trying to stumble over an ideas/ideas that resonate with me. What I am learning is that there are a lot of crafters who want to run a successful business and are exploring some interesting avenues. Right in my own back yard is Austin Craft Mafia. Nine incredibly talented people who have supported each other and the craft scenefor a while. It is also very interesting to see how each individual has evolved. Thought provoking. Awe inspiring. They have encouraged a bunch of craft mafia groups across the U.S.

So off to coffee, talk and imagine. I'll keep you all updated since I know my walks will be filled with thinking about the possibilities.

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