Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rambling 19: Cool and Comfortable

Finally! This morning I had to dig in my closet for a long sleeved shirt and long pants to wear for my morning walk. In the low 50s. How sublime.

My thoughts go to fall foods. Soups - a hearty beef, vegetable has always been a family favorite. Not only do soups warm your insides, they even taste better the next day. Two for one. My vegetable soup uses beef jarrets for meat and the wonderful bone. (Wait until Butler discovers that joy.) Add a can of V8 juice to the broth. Can of whole tomatoes crushed. Then cabbage, potatoes, corn, celery and anything else on hand. Then spice with black peppercorns, basil, oregano, rosemary and salt. Simple, easy, delish! I love to eat it with a fresh heavy loaf of pumpernickle. My husband loves to add saltines. The great thing about soup is it allows for a lot of self-expression.

Snuggle up. Warm up with soup. Go autumn!

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