Monday, October 24, 2011

Ramblings 24: In the Workroom

If I was really being truthful with my title, it would include the adjective MESSY. Maybe even MESSIEST YET! I am surrounded by several partially completed projects, piles of fabrics waiting to be cut out and notes. My goal is to have order by Friday.

One of the projects is a colonial outfit for my fifth grade grandson. Remember the colonial dress? Tha was for his mother, his teacher. After completing that - wiping away the flop sweat - I needed a break before thinking colonial again. So I started this weekend with a vest, shirt and pants. I hope the colonial muses will be kind to me and all will go smoothly.

I continue to sew and get ready for my last show of the year. The First Baptist Christmas Spectacular, November 10, 11, 12. This is my 3rd time for this show. I've really enjoyed it. The organisers are sweet. They really try to give the vendors a good experience. I've made some good friends here. So I'm trying to put my best foot forward with lots of beautiful clothes.

Its been a quiet fall with just 3 local shows. Mama Ds and I had expected a different sort of season but life often gets in the way of planning. I love being at Diva Chicks. It's been a successful venue for me. Kay and Edda are a joy to work with. And I now keep most of my stock there, 109 E 7th St, Georgetown, TX, so If you need anything and you're local check there.

Back to the mess. If I just keep stitching away I know chaos will melt into order. Enjoy sweet Ava showing off a corduroy jumper with multi colores trim. Love her smile!

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