Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rambling 4, Georgetown Market Days

The week before a show always has a different rhythm. Georgetown Market Days (click on highlight for time, place and other info.) is this Saturday. Even though it is a small event, Mama Ds (check out etsy shop for wonderful new bags.) and I hope to get some positive feedback on new items, some sales and some special orders. Is that too much to ask? In the 4 days remaining in the week there are lots of odds and ends. Making sure display stuff is ready. Finding a few shirts and tights to display with clothes. Gathering all the bags, business cards, receipt books, etc.

I still have a list of clothes I wish I could make. Not enough time. But I am excited to see how the audience likes the corduroy jumper. (Be prepared for a week of whine if the comments aren't good.) Also, the long sleeved onesie. We, craft show exhibitors, get anxious before shows. Will you love us? Will you ignore us?

Off to finish a jumper. See you tomorrow.

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