Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rambling 30: You Can Teach an Old Dog....

Title should really be "an old human can learn new tricks from a wise dog." This 31 day challenge started with walking with Butler. It ends tomorrow still walking Butler. And I have learned much - about myself, about my neighborhood, about dogs and about life. Don't expect any momentous pronouncements about the meaning of life or the ultimate solutions to the world's problems. Rather I've just continued to learn small illuminations that delight, inspire and enrich my life. Wow! It doesn't get much better than that.

I've learned that this decrepit body can still move. Although I certainly won't break any speed or distance records, my balance and energy have improved with the daily walks.

I've learned that my mind works better with daily intake of fresh air. Not only on the walks but with time spent at the bark park watching the antics and joy of dogs.

I've learned that I am a dog person and happier for it. When my family was young I resented the added responsibility of a dog when I was already overwhelmed with things I must do. Now that I am fancy free (just all you young people wait there is freedom that makes middle and old age stages to delight in and look forward to). I find that a little bit of responsibility adds to the quality of my life.

I'm learning to enjoy the moment, to stop and smell the flowers, not to regret the past, not to obsess about the future. Live, love and embrace the now.

Carpe diem.


linda appel said...

As is so often the case I'm late to the party, but I've
just gone back and read all your October posts. Such
fun. I feel as if I've enjoyed a wonderful visit with you.
I've signed up to receive posts by email so I look
forward to the next and all subsequent ones. AND,
perhaps you will inspire me to begin my own blog.
I'm being told again and again that I need to build
that crucial "platform."

ellie said...

I think we need a visit with each other to discuss a blog for you or any other excuse I can think of.