Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rambling 27: Flying Carpet

It's a dark, cloudy morning.  Clouds are low and flat. like a flying carpet. My mind soars with plans and ideas.

What material I 'll use for a jumper today - pink corduroy with green circles or a brown corduroy with bright pik, green, cream flowers. What size? I'm at the point in my planning for the First Baptist Christmas Spectacular. when I try to anticipate what sizes will be popular this year. So far sizes 3 and 5 seem to get picked up the most frequently.

Thinking about a small gift that Jenny D and I can make to thank customers. Of course it must use fabric scraps. Just what we need something else to spend our spare time on. lol. But we really do love our customers and want to say thanks.

Lusting for a cupcake I found on Pinterest last night.

Brownie Batter Chocolate Fudge Cupcake. Doesn't it make your teeth hurt just to look at it? All the time I hear healthy, slim people say that they can't eat more than one of something because it is so rich while inwardly I'm already lausting for a second and third. But this looks and sounds like even I, the chocolate glutton, could only eat one of these at a sitting. You can find the recipe at Kevin and Amanda blog.

These are a few of my soaring thoughts this morning. Have a good Thursday. I will be enjoying the finale of Project Runway. I'm secretly pulling for Kimberly, but I think Victor will win.

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