Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Things I'm Tired Of

I haven't had a good whine in a long time, but here goes. I'm very tired of a few things that pop up in my life. ie the endless pop up on my computer. I don't mean the ones I can block, but the ones that keep appearing because internet explorer, aol, webroot have decided I really need these. Even though I delete as quickly as possible, apparently they can't take the hint. No I don't want you to save my passwords. No, I don't need the update that you performed yesterday anyway, so why are you asking again. You are my homepage, so what's the deal with asking me if I want to make you my home page? People smarter than I am, more computer savvy than I am, tell me computers know all about me - what I like, where I am, what I want to buy - so why can't it figure out I DON'T NEED OR WANT THESE POP UPS?

I'm tired of polls. If a politician hiccups, someone takes a poll about its possible effect on the upcoming primary or caucus. Give me a break. Aren't there more important issues? I hear all about the negative ads and family values. Tons of words spew forth from the talking heads about how the campaigns are run. But I'm still fuzzy about substantive issues like jobs programs, defense, froeign policy, environment and social programs. Spend more time with those subjects. When Perry forgot the name of a department he wanted to eliminate, it was fodder for comics and news people, but few bothered with why or how he proposed such a drastic measure. Report the hows and whys in depth the same way adultery is handled. Not as salacious? Well, you are reporters. Make it interesting. Make it news when a politician is exaggerating or bending the facts. Isn't that your job? I'm interested in a candidates political past, not so much his personal history. Make them accountable for the statistics they toss around. Let's go beyond the news bite.

I'm tired of prescription drug commercials. Notice when they speak of the side effects, the visual you see is warm and fuzzy - families cavorting, men and women in vigorous healthy activities, beach walking with a dog. What if they were required to run some pictures of the actual physical effects as they talked about them - elders falling over as dizzyness takes hold, a driver of a bulldozer plowing through a wall when his judgement is compromised, men and women doubled over with stomach cramps? You get my drift. Lets have the pictures mirror the words.

So that's my whine for the day. Sometimes I just have to get it off my chest. I feel better now. Tomorrow some pics of new dresses and skirts, including a new softer mix of colors and old-fashioned prints. I'm excited by them. Here's a peek from my cutting table..

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