Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Different Morning

Instead of our, Butler and me, usual early morning walk, we went to the dog park this am. I was hoping I could really tire him out for the day without exhausting me. He had a great time. There were lots of dogs to play with and many owners who were willing to pet him and rub his ears. So now he is crashed in my sewing room. Maybe I'll try it again tomorrow. Thinking this is a good weekend thing to do when it is dry.

Picked a name from the list of friends on facebook page, Annarella Girl. Stephanie was number 20 on my list, and that was the number chosen randomly. This was fun. I think in a couple of weeks I'll run another chance. Or I'm thinking I might do it on this blog to encourage comments and new subscribers. It seems you all are very shy about your thoughts. Keep tuned to see what I do next.

Now I'm off to sew. I've got several things cut out just waiting for my fingers. Plus I have more flowers for headbands ready to be jewelled.

Heard a wonderful phrase this morning on NPR. "electronically disinclined" This implies that I could be better with all my devices if I wanted to be. That it is not because my brain is old and forgettful. Funny aside- afore mentioned brain couldn't come up with the word that I was looking for that lumps all our computers, pads, smart phones, etc under a general category. (I think electronics is a bit outdated.) Does anyone out there have any idea if there is such a word? What is it?

Good Saturday!

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