Monday, January 9, 2012

Love Hearts

Ta Dum! It's my first practice picture taken in my newly created photo station. Now I have consistent lighting and a plain backdrop where I can pin the clothes, but it will take some practice to produe good product shots. You, professional photogs make it look so easy, but you know it is not. I'll always need you for shots with models, but I need to be able to do product shots for etsy when I finish a garment. I hope to use some model shots for highlights. Anyone have suggestions; I'm open to them. 

The heart material is inspired by Valentine's Day but will look good far after. I love how it looks with the other fabrics.  Nextt I'll try the fabrics in a skirt.

As the new year is unfolding, lots of artists and artisans are choosing a word to craft their year around. Blogger Ali Edwards is credited with starting this notion several years ago, and like all good ideas it has been embraced by many. Here is a link to her 2012 post with all the words her readers have chosen for themselves. Don't have a word of your own yet, go here for inspiration.

Now I'm off to shoot - pictures, that is. For my drought-ridden buddies enjoy this rainy day.

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