Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Slice of Cantelope

This morning's dawn had a brief cantelope hue. Love that saturated golden orange! I'm fascinated by the different tints in every dawn. Constantly changing from minute to minute, day to day. Sort of like life. One never knows when or where that slice of cantelope is going to appear. I'm trying to learn to pause and deeply appreciate those flashes.

Working on a different group of colors and patterns. I thought I might be a little crazy when they all came together, but below you can see an almost finished jumper. I find it appealing. Soft and crisp mixed. Envision it over a red, cream or black top and leggings. For the girl who twirls to a different drummer. When it is done and photograped I think you'll fall in love with it, too.

Yesterday had a meeting with Shannon from Simply By Shannon. She was full of tips about facebook. Thanks to her my Annarella Girl page is easier to find. My head is spinning with all that she had to pass on. You'll probably notices new things as I process all her tips.

Fellow creators ar incredibly generous with their tips, time and advice. Tonight is the gathering of a group of creative types to meet each other and gauge if we can profit (monetarily, creatively, emotionally wise) by sharing our resources and ideas. Sounds exciting!!!

Forward to another productive day.

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