Monday, January 16, 2012

More Photo Practice

Lucky you, my readers, You get to critique my latest pic tries. Now that I have better lighting and a better background, I'm working on contrast and brightness. (Some of you must be chuckling. How easy is this. What baby steps she has to take. Just do it. But I am swimming in strange waters here. Not too long ago I couldn't center a picture to save my life.) so here are some of my latest product shots contrasted and brightened. Are they any better?

I'm trying to get product shots that will jump off the page on etsy and really show the fabrics, differnt prints, and the specialness of what I'm making. More practice needed?


linda appel said...

These look very good to me; the colors jumped off the screen at me.
I must remind you that I am no photographer myself
nor much of a critic. I consider myself an appreciator
and cheerleader, and I think you are doing just great!
I remember Mother's snapshots, frequently featuring
cut-off heads, fuzzy faces, etc. You seem to have
leapt out of that gene pool!

tskross said...

ah they look great! I think these pics do your work much better justice!