Sunday, January 8, 2012

Love Notes on a Sunday

Here are a few odds and ends from my desk.

"Make it and love it." I don't remember who wrote this but it was advice to handcrafters on how to be successful. Part of the endless conversations on how to make a creative business flourish. Usually our creations are not based on pop trends or hot products of the moment, although we all hope that our work can become super desired; and when we try to produce something just because we think it can sell, it doesn't succeed because it doesn't come from our passion and hence it is a bit flat or derivitive. So it is a must for the crafter who wants to be around for a long while to put love into their work. It shows in their originality and their evolution as a artist.

"It's your life, live it well." Sage advice from Judge Judy. A wise motto to take us through 2012 and beyond. She's not referring to living wealthy with huge houses, flashy cars, Rolexes, and gigantic TVs, but with a wealth of compassion, caring, and commitment to ourselves and our community. Would that our politicians, ministers, lawyers, police, bankers, etc follow this wise advice. We can all be leaders by example as we live our own lives as well as we can.

Maybe I should have titled this "preachy Sunday." Is it a contradiction that I write loudly and often about living my own life not someone else's? Am I being as hypocritical as those I'm scolding?

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