Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Birth of a Cooperative

Last night a dozen diverse women met over drinks and snacks to discuss their creative businesses and the possibility of joining forces. Wow! So many ideas and so much energy as we discovered that we had a lot in common although our creations went in many different directions.

Our ultimate dream for the co-op was very consistent - to have a retail gallery space with workrooms or studios and teaching space. All wanted a permanent place where work could be displayed and sold. Icing on the cake would be to have room for working. As a group they thought it was very important to be able to teach classes - both in their crafts and in business. Quite a big dream, but listening to the free flow of ideas and the energy of these ladies I don't doubt that it is possible.

For now we agreed to begin to explore the nuts and bolts of forming a co-op. You know the dry stuff - the structure, the by-laws, etc. But everyone seems to be willing to share that work which will make it go quickly and smoothly.

So this morning as I sit alone in front of my computer I feel like I'm sharing my space with a dozen supportive voices.



Judy Grupp Studio said...

Wow - reading your blog was like watching a dream come true. To be linked with other artists who have the same goals makes you strong enough to conquer anything. Please keep us posted!

ellie said...

Thanks, Judy. That's the way I feel, strong!