Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Artist's Voice

I haven't written about my 2 favorite artists in a while, but I see they have both updated their websites with new works. Tyson Skross and Allyson L Smith, young urban and evolving. Living in New York has effected their process, materials and work. (Full disclosure - Tyson is my son and Allyson is my daughter-in-law which in no way detracts from their prodigious talents.)

Art is a silent vehicle for a voice. In their new pieces I can hear them speaking out, processing their personal growth, gritty surroundings and frustrations. Although they are similarily preoccupied with shapes, surfaces and color, they are polar opposites in their expressions.

Allyson is light, slyly humerous and simply complex with repitition of shape and bright colors
There is a sense of childlike wonder at her world and where she is in it. I love her explorations. I want to leap into her canvas and cavort with the shapes. There is joy with a hint of what's around the corner for her viewer to discover.

After flirting with bright colors, Tyson is toned down and concentrating on shapes and surfaces which are layered and worked.. He doesn't expose his complicated view but lets it peek out of all sides of the canvas. He challenges his audience to create its own narrative, rip open its own hidden places.
So spend a little time on their websites. Listen to their voices. I give my interpretation. What's yours? What do you hear?

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