Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wearing the Green

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone. Today, isn't everyone a little Irish? It is such a happy holiday!! And an excuse to wear some of the worst green colors in your closet. I live with a guy who is red/green color blind, so as a family we don't own much green whether it is clothes, furniture or even walls. Apparently to him it is a very muddy, dull color. Consequently I enjoy nature's greens rather than dyed greens.

Loving this time of the year with lawns, bushes and trees shing in new green. So fresh and lively. Tender, yet energetic at the same time. It just defuses the light when the sun is shining in such a special way. I stare out in awe at nature's subtle show. Isn't nature grand from its smallest displays to its grandest. Spring green is just so special. Mother Nature wear it proudly.

Of note, yesterday on a drive to and from Waco we saw a few roadside displays of bluebonnets. Most of them were not out at their fullest, but enough to ooh and ah. Thanks to the rain fo a better year this spring.

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