Sunday, March 18, 2012

Comfort Foods

Don;t we all have those foods that aren't neccessarily good for us: but when we bite into them, we sigh with pleasure as the taste brings back memories of another time and place where we felt the fun and safety of childhood?

For me it is the juicy hamburger. And I do mean juicy. Red rare, a simple bun, just mustard with sauted onions. When I bite into it, I want the juices to run down my chin!!!! I indulge more often than I should, according to nutrition experts, but not more often than I want. This is not a fast food burger. I make it in a skillet with a quick sear, a few minutes to heat up interior, and a bun browned  for a little crunch.

What is your comfort food? I think my family has recently added a dessert which will become a family must have comfort - a sopapilla cheesecake. That is a misnomer. It is more like a Danish pastry on steroids. It involve crescent rolls, cream cheese, sugar, butter and cinnamon. The outcome is creamy center with a crescent roll layer top and bottom, topped with a thin, crispy cinnamon sugar skin. I found the recipe on Pinterest, doubled the filling and VOILA! a family fav was born.

Recipe and picture.

If you have a comfort food recipe to share, feel free. Meanwhile enjoy your Sunday!!

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