Saturday, March 31, 2012

Birthdays, Again

Beginning of April and some birthdays are here. April 1st bday for a sister-in-law. I've always thought that April Fool's Day must be hard for a kid to have a birthday on, but she is no fool, never has been, so I suspect that even in her childhood she handled it well. Then she married my brother who's birthday is the 2nd. They get to celebrate 2 days in a row or pick the day that suit them best. To be a fool or not be a fool, that is the question.

My day falls on Friday this year. Can't believe I'll be 68. In my dreams I'm somewhere in adulthood, maybe 35 or 28 but no where close to 68. That sounds so old, and until I try to get out of bed, has no place in my thoughts. Age truly is a state of mind as long as one doesn't look in the mirror.

Normally I don't really celebrate my day. I always hope for a phone call from my kids, a card or note from a sibling or two. What do I need for a gift? Things which are the hardest to give. Time, a shared task, like repotting a tree. A hug from those who are distant. This year I am fantasizing about a shared meal. I;d like to have parts at 3 different local restaurants. Appetisers at 50/50. I crave their potachos, homemade potato chips gussied up with crumbled cheese, fresh herbs and chopped tomatoes. Yummy - almost as good as Atlanta's Buckhead Diner's homemade chips with blue cheese dressing. Then on to Wildfire for the juiciest burger in Georgetown and probably the US. My favorite food done right!! Finishing at the Monument Cafe for some homemade dsessert. There are several which make the cchoice difficult. Maybe the chocolate pie or a daily special. Made with loving care and good ingredients just like Mom. So this is how I'd like to celebrate my day! Maybe some of it will come true.

How do you like to celebrate your day?


susan said...

we're leaving for LA on Friday (a quick trip to get a grandbaby fix), but could I interest you in 50/50 on Wednesday or Thursday? pre-birthday celeb?

ellie said...

Susan, I would love to, but swamped. How about after to see new pics and hear how wonderful he is!!!