Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oreos as Normal

Did you know it is the 100th anniversary of the Oreo cookie. I love oreos. Yes, I like to seperate them into 2 parts, eat the plain side first, then scrape the icing off with my teeth, and eat the second side. Don't we all have our favorite method? What's yours?

On a serious note, my wishes for well-being go out to all the storm areas. Tornados are so capricious. I have family living in Ooltwah, TN, but they have escaped the full wrath with minor hail damage. They are some of the lucky ones and will be back to normal quickly.

Back to normal, return to normal, being normal - what is normal? I must admit I'm as guilty as the next person to using phrases with normal, but I am unable to identify normal sometimes.And why do I want to be normal? Does normal = boring? or calm? So what do you  think about becoming normal? Is it a worthy goal? Or should I be aspiring to something edgier, more imaginative where the possibilities for growth are greater?

Forward to normal????? Certainly there must br an oreo in my future.

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