Friday, March 30, 2012

Travel Dreams, My Bucket List and the Lottery

In a couple of weeks, jury duty willing, I'm going to spend a couple of days in New Orleans. (I must digress for a moment. Why do I always get a summons to jury duty when I have a trip looming? Do they hang outsid my door listening to us make plans? And then once plans are in place, they jump and say gotcha? Just asking.) Anyway....back to New Orleans. This will be my first time to visit this special city, and such a trip has been on my bucket list for awhile.Husband and I will rendevous with our friends who are making a 3 month odyssey across the lower states. Can't wait to hear everything they've seen and done. Can't wait to share some good Cajun food with them. Can't wait to make some new memories with them. I just hope my legs hold up. I just don't get around lately like I did before allergy season which this year started early and is lingering on. Makes me very tired and leg weary.

I love cities. Every one has a different atmosphere, a different energy. In my imaging New Orleans will be very different from my favorites - New York, Paris, London and Florence. Will it be slow and full of scents, tastes and viions? Other cities bubbling up to the top of my bucket list are Vancouver, Seattle, Charleston and San Diego. I do have plans to knock off another two this summer. Northwest here I come. Where will you visit next for your bucket list? Isn't it fun to dream?

Speaking of dreams, while I sew today I 'll be spending my mega millions. Big payoff tonight. What will I do with all that money? Even after you pay off Uncle Sam, it is still huge. Hokey, but I would plan a trip for all the family to Disney World. First class all the way. Stay at one of the Disney hotels. I'm thinking near the water park for all the grandchildren or close to safari. Decisions, decisions. Well, I have plenty of time for my mind to wander and explore the possibilities. My chances of winning are sooo slim. Oh, that's right, they are nil. I don't have a ticket and don't plan to buy one. I still enjoy playing with the what ifs.

What are you going to do with your lottery jackpot? Where are you going to travel? What would be your special treat?

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