Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break

Pastel jumper, shown in size 2

You all take your break at the beach. You all take your break at one of the mega amusement parks. Me, I look forward to a break right here. My  daughter along with her 3 kids will visit me for a few days, and I love this break. They get along famously with my Georgetown grandkids so it will be a full house.

It will be short, much too short, but for a couple of days we'll be able to share slow cups of coffee, lumber jack breakfasts, short day trips and pizza. For me this is a bit of bliss. I love hearing the laughter of my grandchildren. What a pleasure to carry on conversations with them. There is such joy in watching them interact and play.

And my adult kids. Lots of laughter, good talks and catching up on dreams, events, exasperations and triumphs. Now this is my idea of a perfect spring break!

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