Monday, March 5, 2012

Blogging Business Part 2

I had an interesting discussion with a family member about my previous "blogging for business" post. He didn't think it was an effective business tool. Rather it was more of a personal diary of my thoughts and opinions. So I shouldn't expect a larger audience for such personal ramblings.

Maybe there are more of you out there who wonder the same why. My expectation for the blog was/is that my audience will grow because people want to know me better, people want to know more about what I am doing, people would want to know what my creative process is. When someone is buying a dress or onesie, they are buying a little piece of me. Is that creepy? I hope not. Every article I create contains a bit of my imagination, my sensibility, my creativity, my love of color, my love of pattern, my joy in construction. Each one has a uniqueness because it is handmade which involves slight nuances of differences.

Does any of this make sense? Am I further befuddling the issues  or clarifying? Perhaps my beginning premise is invalid? Maybe there is little interest in the artisan? Maybe I am the only one who considers my pursuit as an artistic one? Questions, questions questions. Thanks for letting me spew it out. Thanks for listening as I try to wrap my brain around what I am doing and why. It really is all part of my moving forward artistically and business-wise in 2012.

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