Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guilty as Charged...Me and Reality?

Confessed on my facebook post last night that I was hooked on HGTV's House Hunters, and received a comment from a friend that her elementary age girls were also. It made me question my TV viewing level. some of you know I'm into reality TV. Let me revise that certain types of reality shows. Not on my viewing list - any show where screaming at each other and a string of bleeps is common. There go all the Housewives, pawn, anything Jersey, Kardashian, bachelor/ette or all other demeaning, mean-spirited, degrading scripted, swamp based reality. Leaving me with House Hunters, American Pickers, Project Runway, Top Chef and Amazing Race. (And some  seasons of Survivor.)

It is my secret life in my sewing room. My TV is my companion. My white noise. Frank and Mike, Heidi and Tim, Suzanne, Tom, the voices in my background. I feel a slight shift coming on. Amazing Race is remarkably whiney this season. I don't really like anyone, and the crying, nagging, whining couples are diffigult to distinguish. Whoever did the casting, did a poor job. I'm close to giving up on this season.

On the other side, I didn't expect to like Design Star. Nichol Ritchie and Jessica Simpson as mentors, really???? But I find I'm enjoying format with mentors and buyers. Just enough different from Project Runway to be interesting, not just a wannabe.

I'm enjoying The Chew. As I'm sure I'll enjoy the follow-up "Dieting with the Chew." lol That cast is having fun, and it shows. The Revolution is finding its rythm. I"d watch Tim Gunn in his closet anyday. I find his stiffness endearing. Producers, please, please, please, don't change his cute awkwardness. It works.

Meanwhile, the ladies of The View get back to work or our woman love affair is over.

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