Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blogging for Business...Continuing the Conversation

After I posted last night, I realized I'd omitted part of my thoughts. So here goes with some more.

My premise that readers and fans would be interested in my process and thoughts is based on more than conceit. I am fascinated by what makes people tick, what makes up people's stories. I firmly believe that there are only so many personality taits but the combination of emotions, intellect, personality is what produces each unique individual. And I want to know how this impacts each person's life, especially their creative life. I find each story inspiring. I find each story amazing. Everyone has a story, and I want to hear it.

Whether it be a painter's painting, a writer's writing, a songwriter's songs, a designer's design, an actor's role  or a singer's song, I want to know what their voice is, how they choose to express it, and why they create what they do. I assume that many others want to share in the same knowledge. So that's why I write out my thoughts and think some might be interested in them. They are part of my uniquiness and part of my art.

Some artists don't want to share their thoughts; they want the audience to approach it without prejudice. I, on the other hand, want to share my voice, because it further clarifies it for myself. I don't work well in a silent vaccumn. Like I just said, we are all different. Through blogging I get to talk to my audience, sorry for that, sharing bits and pieces of me, the ordinary, the creative, the story of me. 

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