Thursday, March 8, 2012

More Future Women

I thought if I took a break I could solve problem of why that one picture is turned, but I can't. So I finish with the portrait gallery of Annarella Girls. Some are family, some are models and some are girls I've met at shows. They are all glorious, smart and beautiful. They are going to make fabulous women! It's been my pleasure and honor to have them in my life for a brief instance or many years.

Hurray for the International Women's Day. I celebrate you all.


Melissa said...

Ellie -
I love when you post on FB that've you've added a new blog. That reminds me to go read it!
I like your writing style and enjoy reading about your process and adventures.

Anonymous said...

OK,I think it officially time to get some photos of Ivy dressed like a young Lady ;)