Saturday, March 24, 2012

Game Playing

With this weeks boruhaha over the etch-a-sketch, it has made me remember some of the games I have loved over the years.

Parcheesi/Sorry - very similar with it being mostly about luck. Throw the dice and move the piece. A good one to play with kids!

Cribbage - my first gronw-up game as a child where you had to think. For some reason I was better at this than checkers or chess. Never could get the planning ahead for those, but could do some strategy with cribbage.

Group Solitare/ Hell - endless summer days in the card games which required good reflexes. I still play a game online at aol called solitaire race. It's the same idea as Hell - clear a pile of 13 cards by playing solitaire with stacks in the middle which are common to all 4 players. My reflexes are a lot slower these days, but often I am competitive with the others!

Canasta - I couldn't play this now on a bet, but it was another adult game I played when growing up.

Dominos - I love playing Mexican train now with the huge sets that go up to 26es. Frustrating when you can't get a train; exhillarating when you win.

As a family we have played endless hours of Trivial Pursuit, Apples to Apples, etc. And I have good memories of raucous sessions of Charades and Facts in Five with friends.

Game nights, I've always enjoyed them especially when the competition was fair and even sided with good winners and good losers.

Name some of your favorite games and the memories to go with them.

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susan said...

we played canasta in high school. hours and hours. my favorite game now is scrabble. not the 'on line' kind, but the real thing with tiles and a board. call me old fashioned. happily guilty!
thanks for the memories!