Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The End of the Show Season

This Saturday is the Christmas Stroll in downtown Georgetown this Saturday. Mama Ds and Annarella Girl will be sharing a booth with Diva Chicks outside the store on 7th st.. We will have a smattering of items outside and the store will be fully stocked. This is it the last show of the Fall. Come see us. Wait until you see the baby cowboots from Mama Ds. They are adorable. What else could a Texas baby need? Diva Chicks has lots of stylish clothes. I love the flowy tops which are so comfortable. And outstanding accessories!

The sluggish economy is still impacting us. People are cautious with their purchases. They are sticking to their budgets. I understand since I am doing the same. So I really appreciate everyone who likes Annarella Girl enough to buy.  You've embraced the new corduroy jumpers and long sleeved onesies. Each purchase is an "ooh, you like me, you really like me." Thanks for the hugs and love.

I'm taking those warm hugs and indulging in a girls week in Florida. A very relaxing way to end my business season and mentally gear up for Christmas when my family gathers here. Somehow the house gets decorated, gifts get bought or made, and fudge appears in the kitchen. (Thanks to my husband who shares most of the work.) This is my favorite time of the year.

How is your holiday season progressing? Are you getting lots of warm hugs? Throwing you one from me.
See you.

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