Thursday, December 1, 2011

Joy to the World

Small joys

Sitting in the sun at the bark park watching a happy dog chase the squirrels. The payoff for the miserably hot summer is to be able to enjoy the outdoors in late November and December.

Each finished Annarella Girl outfit makes me smile. I love mixing the colorful patterned fabrics. I'm constantly tweaking the designs to make the clothes more comfortable and wearable. Meeting and working with my clients is a kick.

Decorating for the holidays. In truth I don't love the work but I love the result. Twinkle lights make me smile and lift my spirits.

Thinking about what cookies and candy to make for the family. Always I make fudge, the old fashioned kind. Plus I make sugar cookies. (Love that grandkids are old enough to do most of the icing.) Then I always try something new.There is great joy in reading cookbooks for new recipes.

I feel like I keep posting about the same things, but this is what is on my mind during this season. I kow women who don't feel joyful now, but instead dread all the work of the holidays. I choose to concentrate on the happy. Over the years I've learned to give myself permission to have imperfect holidays when it comes to decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking if it is driving me crazy. The most important part is the gathering of family and friends. If all the details get finished, great. If they don't, ahh well, we still have the most important part - joy of each other.

Be kind to one another.

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