Friday, December 30, 2011

Year End Rambles

Crisp mornings and warm afternoons, Butler and I are enjoying time outdoors. Today I got a chance to try out new walking shoes. What a treat.

My thoughts have been as as rambling as the path. Butler takes as he chases after every new smell. I chase after every twist in my mind. Subjects include warm memories of the holiday fun with family. I cherish the time with my children and grandchildren It is amazing to me what paths they are on, how smart they are and how caring they are to me and each other. When counting my blessings, family is my number 1.

Another thought path is Annarella Girl. Where I'm going with my business, strategies for reaching my goals, examinations of what has worked, what hasn't and why. You know, the same old, same old. The constant revolving voice does help me edge toward decisions, just sorry my followers have to listen to the seemingly endless repititions.

Spending a lot of time on walks enjoying the fresh air. Sharing the sheer joy of being outside with exuberant Butler. Looking at the different hues of greens, browns and grays and trying to learn to love winter's palette. Part of my resolution for living a better life is to savor the small moments of beauty and joy. I'm trying to enjoy the gifts of nature, family and friends.

By the end of our short walks Butler and I are ready for coffee and breakfast. I'm eager to get into my sewing room. I'm ready to have my day unfold. Loving it!


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