Monday, December 5, 2011

Traveling with Friends

I'm taking some time off, not only from the blog, but also from my normal life. sounds drastic, but it's not. For about 2 weeks I'll be basking in the warmth of friendship on a girls trip. A little rest and relaxation before the hectic holidays.

This is a true break - no sewing machine, no computer, no holiday preparations - just time by the pool, hot tub and beach. Long, lazy conversations. A few glasses of wine. Reading, reading, reading. Watching movies. (This is not a "chick flick" group. There will be hours of action films.)  Lots of laughter as we remember old times and make new memories. We're older, maybe wiser, but still giggling and giddy as we enjoy life.

So if I get a chance I might check in with a short post, but don't be suprised if I don't surface before mid month. I plan to be busy burrowing my toes in the sand or languidly trailing my fingers in the pool.

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