Friday, December 2, 2011

Rain Drops Keep Falling

After months of no rain, dead bushes, rising dust we've been getting bits of rain for the last month. All of us still hold our breath and wish for a good soaking rain. You know the kind that makes each blade of grass wiggle its toes in ecstasy. But the day before the Christmas Stroll its a little harder to be happy for a rainy weekend.

The Stroll has never been cancelled or postponed to my knowledge, so I assume it will continue in a soggy fashion. But what a disappointment for all - for the kids who look forward to meeting Santa, playing games and seeing the parade; for the organizers who have worked so hard to book the entertainment, create Santa's workshop, plan the parade and assemble all the wonderful vendors.

Let's pull on our mucklucks and anotaks, and go forth to enjoy this tradition of downtown Georgetown. Certainly a few rain drops won't stop the joy. Come down and enjoy the smiling faces of the kids - of all ages. Dodge the rain by stopping in to see all the shops and restaurants. Stroll the arts and crafts section. See you there!

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